Autumn, Baby

Ah, how I missed going to the yarn store… And of course, the moment I walked into my “main” place, I headed straight towards my favourite acrylic/wool section and bought myself this combo:


Perfect autumn colours, if you ask me. And together they will make a perfect blanket for an autumn baby.



The two important sources supporting me in making the blanket were Knitculture’s Beachcomber Blanket tutorial and Biscuits and Jam’s Random Stripe Generator.

I still need to weave the ends and crochet the edge, but I already love what the blanket looks like.


Little “Oyles”

Owls seem to be very much in fashion… So, when I found this pattern on Hopscotch Lane, I decided immediately I want to try it out. Those owls are a great way to use up those little yarn leftovers – the doll-sized balls of yarn are usually just enough for the stripes, and I stuffed them with a variety of otherwise completely useless yarn bits from previous projects. And, because they are done by me, they are lovingly called oyles.

Oyles 1 and 2Oyles 3 and 4

One of the oyles is blinking because I somehow failed to produce a fourth french knot. The original pattern includes a crocheted beak, but after the second oyle I decided to stitch the beaks on instead.

All four oyles have found happy homes, but my home is still oyle-less. I am really looking forward to producing more yarn leftovers now! 🙂



When one is blessed with friends who are fun and creative, then one can hardly do traditional gift-shopping. So, when I travelled to the Netherlands for a week to visit a friend (who among other activities, sings in a clown choir – I guess that characterises her pretty adequatly), I took along my yarn stash, let her choose colours and form, and then I knitted her a pair of mittens right under her own eyes.


I really love how colourful and warm those mittens turned out. I haven’t knitted with three different colours before, so that was a bit of a challenge. I mean, there were tangles that would make any respectable knitter faint. At some point I decided that it was easier to knit the right mitten in the lounge, and the left mitten in the dining room, just to keep the probability of a huge mess as low as possible

But of course, I was there for a whole week and could come up with more than just the mittens – my friend needed an actual bee to go with them. She found a crochet

 bee pattern at Crochet N Play, which is pretty easy if you pay attention (wink-wink)