The “Next Step” Sock KAL – part two


If some of you are wondering – no, my disappearance has nothing to do with my new sharp double-pointed needles and bleeding to death. Actually, if we had a death match with these needles, I would probably win. They are not really good – they’ll bend the moment I pick them up. I guess I’ll have two things to show by the end of this knitalong: a new pair of socks, and two sets of  needles of assorted shapes.

As for the socks, I have reached the heels. My knitting seems to a be a tad uneven, but I guess that is what I get for using such fine needles and yarn for the first time. My grandma was a very tight knitter, my mom is an impossibly tight knitter, but no matter how hard I try, the texture of my stuff is never getting anywhere close.




The “Next Step” Sock KAL – part one

I love the collective projects that the crafters undertake. I usually just observe (and envy ;)), because setting deadlines is a bit too scary. But sometimes I just can not resist the  temptation – I mean, how cool is that almost 50 knitters from all across the world are currently working on the same thing, while reporting to and discussing with each other!?

So, when Sarah of Crafts from the Cwtch suggested a knit-along for socks, I signed up immediately. I have been practicing quite a bit during the past months (here, here, here and there is one more pair which has not made it to blogland yet), so I guess I more or less have a hang of it. But the idea of this knitalong was to try something new, to develop the sock-knitting skills.

I decided out the yarn stash inherited from my maternal grandma. She used rather fine yarn, she loved using different colours, and was quite a tight knitter… I loved the socks and mittens she made. Unfortunately there are very few of those left, and my granny isn’t around any more to knit new pairs, so I’ll have to take care of it myself.

So here you go, my plan for the upcoming knitalong – using 1.25 needles (never used so small ones before, I hope I won’t cause too much damage on my fingers!); finer yarns; and a three-colour pattern (I can sense a huge mess of yarn ahead!). This is just a trial patch, but I’ll have plenty of time to get started in the weekend!


Marathon socks

No, the socks in question have nothing to do with actually tunning a marathon. I don’t think there is a pair of socks in this universe that would make me even consider running a marathon. But knitting theses socks was a marathon indeed.

It all started with a morning of a day where I had no plans whatsoever. And with some leftover yarn from these socks and some leftover sock-envy for my mother 😀 So, I picked a new pattern (this book is awesome!) and cast on my newest pair of socks. I started from the toe and decided that I will knit until I have no yarn left.

IMG_9185Boy, was that a literal promise. 9 hours later (lunchbreak and some phone calls included), I had stiff fingers and neck, no yarn left and a brand new pair of lace-y socks!

I was so happy I got them ready, that I started wearing them rightaway. Meaning, I was so traumatized about the work put into them, that I only managed to weave the ends in after weeks of wearing the socks. 😀

Socktober-y Christmas

26122012281Remember that day when I promised to make a pair of socks in a way completely new to me? Believe it or not, I actually managed to whip up my very first pair of lace-y socks, starting knitting from the toes, surprisingly fast. And the socks left my home even faster – mom loved them, put them on, and walked out with them before I managed to take any photos.

Christmas is a time of coming together. So, when visiting my hometown for the holidays I met up with mom and her new pair of favourite socks (and the traditional Christmas juniper, which you can see peeking from the background :)).26122012285

Knitting from the toe was somehow easier for me, it allows more flexibility with lace patterns, and I really like how the heel looks. I am thinking of making a pair for myself now… if only I remembered how they are made… back to google it is!


Socks with a Little Ray of Sunshine

What else would be a more perfect start to a blog in the autumn than a pair of knitted socks? I must admit, I had only managed two pairs of socks before in my life – one pair more lopsided than the other. But even if I am not a 100% happy with my pair number three, I can still pat myself on the back for a rather decent and wearable(!) pair of socks.

It all started with the Estonian handicrafts forum, where they have declared October a month of socks. Or rather, Socktober. I have always admired (read: stalked excessively and with awe their collective projects, but never had the courage/initiative/time/(insert any other pathetic excuse) to join in. This time, I finally signed up. I mean, making a pair of socks couldn’t be that hard, could it?

And it appeared it really wasn’t. Especially when you spend your Saturday evenings at home watching 3-act ballets on TV and knitting (I know, I lead a life so terribly exciting).

I used grey Jumbo – an 80% acrylic yarn, which is a great practice material. Jumbo is affordable and comes in a variety of colours. To add a little flash, I used the yellow from the stash that I inherited from my maternal grandmother (I miss her. And I miss her socks. I could not even imagine how many pairs would one have to knit to achives such perfection as she did).

Praise is also due to the almighty internet. Without the possibility to google “how to knit a sock heel”, I would have had to go and hunt for the 6th grade handicraft books from the library. And of course, the more you surf around the more “I must do this next!”-ideas you gather. So, inspired by all the sock pictures that I’ve seen and the joy of actually being able to make a pair myself, I have decided to embark on a new sock-adventure. And this time I will start knitting from the toes!

Yeah, like I said, my life is full of exciting things… But to all of you, have a great Socktober!!!