The Curse of the Moss Green Hat

Last winter I knitted myself a bubbly moss green hat, something like that. I guess I never got round to posting it on my blog, as I managed to lose it. I guess I left it in a taxi, but the taxi company never managed to find it.

moss green vol 2

But I still had some of that yarn left, so one evening, on the side of red wine and discussions about the Kurdish situation in Turkey, I knit myself a new one, using this pattern as inspiration. And the next day it was perfect colourful autumn weather, so I managed to take a phone-photo of the hat.

Unfortunately, my joy (and warm head) was short-lived. On Thursday I went to a cafe with that hat. But somehow ended up reaching home without it. I  tried to find it, but no luck 😦

I still have some of that yarn left, but maybe the universe is trying to tell me something… maybe I should start working on an orange hat instead…


Autumn, Baby

Ah, how I missed going to the yarn store… And of course, the moment I walked into my “main” place, I headed straight towards my favourite acrylic/wool section and bought myself this combo:


Perfect autumn colours, if you ask me. And together they will make a perfect blanket for an autumn baby.



The two important sources supporting me in making the blanket were Knitculture’s Beachcomber Blanket tutorial and Biscuits and Jam’s Random Stripe Generator.

I still need to weave the ends and crochet the edge, but I already love what the blanket looks like.

My little unraveling party

Every now and then, usually during my insomniac nights, I take a think crochet hook and attack the basket on unfinished projects. I spend hours on the sofa watching bad nighttime TV and undoing all the swatches, projects that I will never finish, finished projects that are never used, and even mittens that have lost their mate.  Most of the time it is a very zen-activity – you just find the right end and then yarn will roll back to the ball almost itself.

However, sometimes I really get the impression that my knitting and/or crocheting is fireproof, waterproof, and foolproof. Like today… I spent a good half an hour trying to unravel a knitted scarf, and it just did not work… And finally, I realised that I just started from the wrong end.

In Estonia we have a proverb that says “A stupid head is a nuisance to the body”.