Little “Oyles”

Owls seem to be very much in fashion… So, when I found this pattern on Hopscotch Lane, I decided immediately I want to try it out. Those owls are a great way to use up those little yarn leftovers – the doll-sized balls of yarn are usually just enough for the stripes, and I stuffed them with a variety of otherwise completely useless yarn bits from previous projects. And, because they are done by me, they are lovingly called oyles.

Oyles 1 and 2Oyles 3 and 4

One of the oyles is blinking because I somehow failed to produce a fourth french knot. The original pattern includes a crocheted beak, but after the second oyle I decided to stitch the beaks on instead.

All four oyles have found happy homes, but my home is still oyle-less. I am really looking forward to producing more yarn leftovers now! 🙂


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